Flawless Frenchies


We would like to pay tribute to the legacy and love of our French Bulldogs who have dedicated themselves to our breeding program. These retired Frenchies are more than just breeding dogs; they are cherished family members, and their well-being is at the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment to responsible breeding includes providing our breeding females with a comfortable retirement after they’ve had 3-4 litters, typically around 7 years of age. At this point, they transition to their forever foster homes, where they can enjoy the pleasures of being beloved pets.

Each retiree comes with a unique history, having played a vital role in shaping our breeding program and contributing to the wonderful traits of our puppies. Their gentle, affectionate nature and years of experience make them excellent companions for families looking for mature and well-adjusted pets.

By honoring these retired French Bulldogs through this gallery, we’re celebrating their well-earned happiness and comfort in their retirement years. Feel free to browse the profiles of our retired Frenchies and appreciate the joy they’ve brought to our breeding program

About Jovi

Jovi was CHIC certified through OFA and sired numerous litters! He was a gorgeous male that carried absolutely stunning genetics!