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As a dedicated Veterinary Technician, the health, living conditions, and socialization of our French Bulldogs are our utmost priorities.

What sets us apart from the typical breeder is our exceptional approach to canine care. Our French Bulldogs reside in loving foster homes within an 80-mile radius, ensuring they receive constant attention and socialization. They become treasured family members when not in season or caring for their litters, offering them the unique experience of being both beloved pets and nurturing parents.

If you’re passionate about providing a caring home for our Frenchies, explore the possibility of becoming a foster parent through the Foster Program tab on our website. You will learn the pros and cons of fostering and an application form.

We adhere to a responsible breeding strategy, with our breeding females retiring after producing 3-4 litters, typically around the age of 7. At this point, they transition to their forever foster homes, where they can enjoy a well-deserved life as cherished and loved pets. Occasionally, we have retirees available for adoption, though most of our dogs find loving homes before they even reach one year of age. This unwavering commitment to their well-being is a testament to our dedication to these wonderful companions.


Available for Adoption

Currently, we do not have any puppies available. 

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