Flawless Frenchies


Sally Jo

Hey Jessica!
Chet and my boys were on the cover of our neighborhood magazine!  Too cute!  People drive by our house and say “there’s Chet!” and have left him treats as he is now a celebrity.  I heard these people at Ben and Jerry’s saying “I know that dog”…….hilarious.
Hoping you are well!  Happy to send you more of him if you want to put on your web page.  I have some darling pics. of him.  He is just the SWEETEST THING, Jessica!!!
Thank you so much! 


Hey Jessica!

We are loving our little bundle of joy. Here’s a picture of me and her. She is so sweet and loving and the perfect companion. Everywhere she goes we get compliments on how adorable she is. We have a saying for her “little dog, big ideas.” Despite her tiny package, She’s always into some adventure around the yard or the house. And post adventure she loves to curl up and snuggle.

We certainly have our hands full and love her dearly!

The McCree Family

Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to write and give you an update on Angus. He is doing wonderfully and is one spoiled baby Frenchie. Angus gets attention wherever he goes. He quickly melted our hearts. I can’t thank you enough for the packet you had put together when we picked him up. All the tips and suggestions you included were so helpful. The chart listing all his vaccination information made our first trip to our vet seamless. Everything was clearly documented. Thanks again for the time you took answering questions via phone and email.

The McKeller Family

The McKeller Family with their new addition… “Beau”

The Saulinskas Family

The Saulinskas Family added a new family member, Rocco! Rocco & Russ are bothers and were adopted by Stacy Saulinskas and her mother… So they are living life together!! Loved this sweet family!

Derek, Kelly, and Louie!

Hi Jessica!
Hope you had a nice Christmas and you’re enjoying the Holidays! We have certainly been enjoying our time with Louie! He’s still such an awesome dog–he’s so chill around the house, he’s fun and adorable when he gets frisky, he loves meeting people and playing with other dogs, etc! We took him to my parents house for Thanksgiving, and he had so much fun. Everyone loved him, and he had fun playing with 3 other dogs! 

PS, I think Louie is good marketing for your business because people think he’s such a amazing dog and always ask us where we got him when walk him around Atlanta.. We tell them all about Flawless Frenchies and how we had such a great experience!

Lisa Ruiz

Buster is living the “high life” in Las Vegas, Nevada with Lisa Ruiz, owner of Collar Mania! 

Candy Rettich

Gracie is napping in bed with me! She is a sweetheart & makes the most adorable noises when she sleeps! She likes getting in the toy baskets verses getting the toys out!! She is so adorable & we love her! 

Ben & Sarah Bowles

Thank you so much for being so awesome to work with! You have been so helpful and we really appreciate the tips you’ve given us as we start out with our new pup, Murphy! We are so excited to have him join our little family! Wish I could have came to meet you when Ben picked him up!
Thanks so much. 


Thank you so much to Jessica Jackson and her Flawless Frenchies!! Gus is such an amazing, goofy, and smart puppy! People comment on how unbelievably friendly and calm he is. I couldn’t be happier with my little guy!

Zach and Winston Helmick

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help from answering all of my questions before buying Winston and all the updates along the way before I got to pick him up! He’s a handful! He’s so full of energy! He is either full play mode or asleep! He’s been great with car rides, he just sleeps the whole way & everyone that sees him falls in love instantly! He gets very jealous when I play with our other bulldog instead of him! haha I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done and I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a frenchie of their own!!

Cashew & Mom (Olivia Scates)

Hi first mommy! 
I am doing really well! I am healthy and growing big! 16lbs now! I am getting neutered in 2 weeks! I also have to have a couple puppy teeth pulled if they haven’t come out by then. I currently have 4 canine teeth! A set of puppy and my adult! My mom calls me shark boy. 
I also got kicked out of the dog park – because I think it’s really funny to hang from big dogs necks and growl. My mom doesn’t find it funny and now I have a stupid trainer who is teaching me how to play nicely with others. These people just don’t understand; I know I’m a big dog and im just trying to show them that I can be big and bad if I need too. But mom says it’s NOT ok. Whatever.
The trainer is also teaching me good food manners because I get a little pissed if I even think someone is looking at my food. It’s mine and no one else needs to see it or touch it. Mom also says that’s no okay. And reason number 2 I have a trainer. 
I am 95 percent potty trained – sometimes I drink a little too much water and it comes out before I can ring my bells to let mommy know I need to go out. Thank god she didn’t tell the trainer about that. That trainer lady is annoying. 

Susie and Paul Caron

Hi Jessica,
Here are a couple of pictures of Leo. He is such a hunk, we just love him! Everyone at our vet wants him and has remarked about how perfect he is. We are so happy to have found you and Flawless Frenchies.  
“Jessica and Flawless Frenchies is the best! We were so blessed to have found her after searching for a breeder for a few years. Leo is our fourth frenchie, and has proven to be the sweetest and best looking one of the bunch! He is the friendliest, funniest and most loving dog I have ever had. Every where we take our crew, Leo stands out and we are asked where we got him from. I am always so excited to tell people about Flawless Frenchies and Jessica because she is amazing.”
Every word is above is true. We are so happy with Leo and our vet has nothing but praise for your breeding skills whenever we see him. Thank you so much!  
Happy 4th of July! (Thought I would send you a pic of Leo celebrating today too and I think the last one he is trying to smile). 


Candy Rettich

Frankly, I don’t even know where to begin in my praise for Jessica & Flawless Frenchies. Gracie was my first Frenchie. She is now a little shy of two years old and was my first experience with Jessica. Issy just came home to us 2 weeks ago. I knew based upon my experience with Jessica and the highest quality Frenchie that Gracie is, that I would be returning to her in the near future to add a second to our family. As you can tell from the pictures, Gracie & Issy bonded immediately! I think they sense that they are from the same direct bloodline as they have the same father. Issy thinks that Gracie is her mom and Gracie thinks of herself that way.
I have had dogs my entire life. I have had a multitude of breeds through the years. After I got Gracie, whenever asked I would say, Frenchies are all that I will ever own from this point forward. They are unlike any other breed of dog! Truly unique in not only appearance, but personality. Are hysterical clowns that will make you laugh many times a day, extremely smart, love people & children, stubborn yet so very loving. They are a big dog trapped in a little dogs body which to me is the best of both worlds!!! Gracie literally spoons me under the covers in bed at night ❤️
Jessica offers the very highest level of service and does so naturally, of her own free will. She caters to detail from the first moment you speak with her about potentially putting a deposit down until well after the puppy is already in your home. She is quick to respond to phone calls as well as text messages, provides updated pictures promptly and is always willing to give her opinion of personality in the dog as it starts to show. Jessica said that Issy is a Spitfire and she was not wrong! Made for a perfect pairing with Gracie.
I would like to add that before getting my first puppy from Flawless Frenchies, I did a great deal of research over an extended period of time. There is no such thing as a cheap Frenchie. However, prices vary substantially. I went with Jessica not once, but twice because, she offers a fair price for a very high-quality French bulldog! She loves what she does and it is apparent in all of your dealings with her. Personally, I have come to consider her a friend of mine. I think it’s only fair to warn you, after you get one Frenchie, you will want another! They are addictive.

With a heart full of gratitude. 


Hey Jessica, 
Been meaning to follow up with you, but it kept slipping my mind. Gumbeaux is doing very well and adjusted quickly after we picked him up.
He slept well from the very first night. I let him sleep in the bed so he didn’t feel isolated and he’s done well in the bed ever since. He climbs on me to let me know when he needs to go out. Typically, he gets up once per night then will sleep to 630-730am.
He’s also crate trained at this point and will stay in his crate for about four and a half hours with no problems.
He’s doing well with potty training, as well. Living in a condo, I found out about Fresh Patch from other dog owners in the area and that’s been a savior. It’s just a patch of grass I leave on my balcony and I can quickly let him out to use it. They send a new one every few weeks. Now he’s gotten used to pottying on grass and it helped shorten his trips outside. Now, almost as soon as he hits grass, he’ll use the bathroom. At this point 80% of the time or so, he’ll go to the door when he needs to go out. Accidents are pretty scarce.
He’s very energetic and goofy and we go on a half mile to a mile walk every night to wear him out before bed. He does well on a leash and loves going to Piedmont Park because he gets tons of attention. He also loves playing with other dogs and socializes very well. 
He’s almost 10 pounds now and is growing about a pound a week. I’ve attached some pictures so you can see how much he’s grown (some of the photos are a little older)!
Thank you for the great puppy and I’ll try to follow up again in a few weeks!

Kyle & Hannah Spinrad

Gusteau aka Gus is extremely personable, slightly mischievous but overall has been a sweetheart from the start. He loves people of all ages, is incredibly intelligent, and always eager to please. Jessica was extremely responsive and helpful to us as first time frenchie owners, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of dog. He really is everything we wanted and more. We get compliments EVERYWHERE, people stop us on the street to comment on our handsome boy. Gus is simply the best!
Thanks Again!


Marta Jo Sullivan

Hey Jessica!
I wanted to take a moment and update you on good ole Wilma! She is adjusting to life in the big city and making all kinds of friends! Her best friend is Banks and they love to play and cuddle! Wilma also loves traveling and meeting new people! She’s even stopped by the office a few times to say hello! Wilma has decided her blood runs orange is a full on Clemson fan! She’s decided not to go out for the team this year, maybe wait until she grows into her jersey a little more! I can’t thank you enough for her! 


 The Shaw Family

I found Flawless Frenchies by doing a Google search and was a little hesitant to put down a deposit with a breeder when I did not have a referral, but after talking with Jessica on the phone I immediately felt very comfortable. Jessica answered all my questions and I could tell she was a responsible breeder who took good care of her dogs. She was knowledgeable and professional and would give us progress updates along the way, both during the pregnancy and after the puppies were born/being weened from their mama. We ended up with a precious, fawn female from her December 2015 litter and we named this little girl Margot. Upon bringing her home she was an instant hit with my two daughters, ages 5 and 3, and after this sweet puppy had been with us for only a few months I gave birth to our third child. Needless to say, Margot is very sweet with our new baby too! The breed seems to be great with children of all ages and adapts well to change. Margot is a very loving puppy, she fits right in with our family and we are all smitten with her.

The Alberts

Hi Jessica! Louis is doing fantastic. He is a perfect mix of curious, mellow, and oh so snuggly. Loved by humans and dogs alike, he is extremely social and is the only dog we have ever owned that loves going to the vet’s office. Our veterinarian commented on how healthy and handsome he is and was very impressed by the detailed records you provided. Always the life of the party, Louis had a great time at our annual Super Bowl party and even tried to follow friends out the front door at the end of the night. “Hey guys, what do you mean the party is over?” His favorite things to do include catching a few rays outside in the grass, going to the dog park, and riding in the car. Every morning he sits patiently by the garage door to avoid missing out on the ride to school –even on weekends. LOL. Everyone in the house has chores, including Louis. He has designated himself kitchen floor monitor and not a crumb escapes his expert nose. We just completed our first obedience class where Louis was by far the calmest and most well behaved dog in the room. He is indeed largely obedient except when walking on leash through the neighborhood. He prefers to lolly gag, explore, and sniff rather than actually take a walk. The infamous Frenchie stubborn streak! We love him dearly and can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives. Although he is still a puppy I am already starting to think that perhaps he needs a brother or sister for a playmate.

Brandy Riherd

Hi Jessica!
We are doing great. I hope you are as well. I attached a little collage with a few recent pics of Bella and below is my testimonial.
I found Flawless Frenchies online while researching several other French Bulldog breeders in the Southeast. I really liked the attention that Jessica gives to the health and general well-being of her dogs. When we picked up our puppy, Jessica had all of the paperwork and vaccination info organized and easy to understand. It made the first few trips to the vet super easy. During our initial check-up with our vet, he actually told us to congratulate the breeder because our puppy was in such good health (overall, nutrition, hips, etc…). Overall the experience with Flawless Frenchies and Jessica was great. If we get another puppy, we will definitely go back to her. 

Mrs. Kelly

Hello Jessica,
Georgia has been a joy to our family! She has adapted very well and is so spoiled she thinks she is one of the kids. Her silly personality always keeps us laughing and and she is quite popular amongst our friends and family. Her patience and willingness to learn are qualities that you rarely see in other breeds her age. We are certainly glad that she is part of our family!!



Alyssa and Michael

Hey Jessica! 
We can’t thank you enough for our little nugget of joy! Frankie has been the perfect addition to our family. He’s exactly what we were looking for in our French Bulldog. Frankie is super friendly and outgoing to everybody he meets (dogs and people.) We get compliments all the time on not only his looks but also his personality. Frankie truly is the best dog we could have ever asked for! I mean look at that face…how could you not love him?!


Belton M. Mickle

Jessica Jackson, of Flawless Frenchies, allowed my first experience owning a puppy to be a seamless one. I had always wanted a French Bulldog and I couldn’t be happier with my Big Boss Apple Sauce, Romeo. Jessica did a great job providing me with all the information necessary to ensure he was comfortable in his forever home, as well as ensured that all of his shots and medical needs were up-to-date.

Additionally, she sent pictures at different points of his puppy development (4wks, 6wks, 8wks) so that I could begin to familiarize myself with him from a very young age. I’m very happy to have found such a caring, knowledgeable and respectable breeder in Jessica. I have had no issues with Romeo’s health and everyone who encounters him speaks to his adorable temperament and playfully, rambunctious personality. He has brought so much joy to my life! I am definitely considering getting a baby girl from Jessica so Romeo can have a sister a year a part from him 🙂

The Bradshaw Family

Nala – Olive and Jovi – DOB – 1/8/2017
Can’t even begin to say how great our experience has been with Flawless Frenchies!  We put a deposit down for a female from a future litter in October, 2016. This was a Christmas present for my oldest daughter (that is a Frenchie fanatic). When Olive & Jovi had a honey pied female, Hailey quickly said that she wanted her. Jessica was very proactive about keeping us in the loop with Nala’s progress before we flew to Atlanta to pick her up.  We received the cutest pictures every couple of weeks so we could see how much she had grown and changed. Jessica’s paperwork for Nala was very detailed and organized. Our veterinarian said that the paperwork was one of the most thorough that he’s seen from a breeder.  And what can I say….Nala is just the cutest thing ever! When I take Nala for walks in the neighborhood everyone comments on how adorable she is.  Nala is 8 months old now and she is super sweet. She has fit in well with her Westie sisters (Rosie and Daisy). I highly recommend Flawless Frenchies with zero hesitation. Its been an absolutely fantastic experience!

Tracey & Ryan Stonebrook

When my husband broke the news to me that his job was transferring us out of Atlanta to Charlotte, my immediate response was “I’m getting a puppy.” There wasn’t much he could do about that one 🙂 A friend of mine recommended Jessica to us, and I am so happy she did. Jessica was very professional and knowledgeable. She was always quick to respond and provided regular updates and photos leading up to the day we were able to take Milo home. Upon arrival to get him, she had all his paperwork organized, which made it super easy when it was time to take him to the vet for his first check up. I loved that he came micro-chipped as well. Milo has brought so much joy to our household, we couldn’t imagine life without him. He is a super energetic pup and gets along very well with other people and dogs. He always has to be the center of attention, but we wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Every time we take him out, we are constantly getting compliments on how handsome he is and how unique is coat is. If it were up to me, we would get a second one in a heartbeat! Overall, we were very happy with our experience with Flawless Frenchies, and would recommend Jessica to anyone in the market for a French bulldog.

Mrs. Janitrea Sebree-Kelly

Good evening Jessica,
I hope that all is well! I just wanted to let you know that this year (yesterday) Georgia turned 3 years old! She is the life of all of our dawg parties (go dawgs) and still thinks she is one of the boys! Here are some updates pictures.


Jenn Thomas

We cannot thank you enough for blessing us with Otis.  He has been so great with the family and starting to showcase this little (BIG) personality.  Not too mentioned, he has become the “Prince” in the house and the girls have been taking turns letting him out to potty when needed.  Our family is complete again because of you! 
 I want to share some quick photos of Otis so you can view at your leisure.

Robin Scarisbrick

Hi Jessica….
I thought you might like to see that Angus is doing well. He rules the house. 
He is growing into quite a handsome little fella…look at that face! He is doing very well with his potty training, no accidents for a couple of days now! He has a great personality too….very loving. 

Thank you for this little fella. 

The Baxley's

We looked for a French Bulldog for a very long time and we finally found the perfect puppy from Flawless Frenchies. Ollie is our very first French Bulldog and he has completely stolen our hearts! He was such a sweet and calm little puppy when we brought him home. It didn’t take long, however, before his true personality started to shine. He is such a funny dog and makes us laugh every single day! He is full of energy and keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our family cannot imagine life without him and look forward to many more years with Ollie!

Our purchase from Jessica was smooth and she prepared us very well. She gave us so much helpful information and it is very obvious that she truly loves and cares about every single puppy. We had a few issues and questions in the first weeks/months that we brought Ollie home. Jessica was always just a phone call or an email away and was happy to help us. I anticipate us purchasing a second French Bulldog in the future and I know exactly where we will be getting it from………Flawless Frenchies!

Andy and Elaine Perez

Dear Jessica, 

Young Prince is perfect! Our vet loved the vaccination information you provided, and complimented how thorough you were. The little guy is healthy and handsome, and we absolutely love his personality. He’s quite bold, alert, and sociable. As we exit the teething stage he’s sitting with us more in the evenings, and he’s proving to be quite affectionate. Training has come along nicely too. He’s doing great with walking on a leash, sitting, and staying. We love this dog, thank you!

The Gill Family

My family recently had the pleasure of bringing baby Buster home as an addition to our Frenchie pack. Having purchased a French bulldog before Buster, from a different breeder I was not satisfied with, it was extremely important to me to find a more responsible breeder the second time around. That was Jessica. She went above and beyond answering my questions upon questions, sending me updated pictures, and being nothing but transparent and attentive throughout the entire process. I really appreciated that as a crazy Frenchie mom anxious to get my new baby 🙂

From the moment we brought Buster home he has been nothing but happy, healthy, and full of personality! He is truly such a Kind hearted little boy. I credit a lot of that to the people who gave him his start- Flawless Frenchies. I cannot thank them enough. We will most definitely be back for Frenchie number 3!

​The Mauldin Family

When we began looking for a French Bulldog puppy we did not realize how difficult it would be to find a reputable breeder. We did our research and read many reviews. The day before our daughter’s 12th birthday we went to pick up Brindi. Jessica had prepared instructions for us each step of the way. Her attention to detail in every aspect of the purchase was excellent. The healthcare Brindi received prior to coming to our house was great. When our vet checked her out, she was in perfect health and still is. Brindi is a very friendly, welcoming dog. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. We are a family of three right now with a large extended family. She adapts to a quiet house or one full of relatives easily. We once said we would never have a dog, now we are looking forward to our next Flawless Frenchie!

Lauren M. Nicholson

Hi Jessica,
We are so blessed to have discovered Flawless Frenchies. Hugo stole our hearts instantly when we saw him. He has brought so much joy to our lives and makes us smile every day. We felt safe buying from Flawless Frenchies because of the experience Jessica has with the breed. She sincerely cares for each and every one of the puppies and goes the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need as a new puppy owner. She was available any time we had questions and supplied us with the knowledge and necessary tools to make Hugo feel at home with us from day one. We cannot imagine life without him and would never consider buying from any another breeder.

Susan Cammuso

Merry Christmas Jessica!
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday and a Happy and Healthy New Year. 
Lulabelle (aka Betsey) is doing so well. She is the sweetest girl ever and VERY smart. She has already learned to play fetch with the help of my 11 yr old Yorkie and now Lulabelle is teaching my daughter’s new 10 wk old puppy how to play it as well!
Our little southern belle is acclimating to the New England weather quite nicely. Often she rings her bell to go outside just to eat snow, like her world is one big snow cone!!! (I don’t allow her to eat snow outside of our yard – there might be salt or contaminants in it.) 
Thank you again for allowing me to adopt her. I have received numerous compliments and will continue to pass your name on. Also, my Vet was very pleased with all of the paperwork you provided me – thank you. 

Sasha Kampmeier

We got our french bulldog, Perry, from Jessica – Flawless Frenchies a little over 2 years ago -and we could not be happier! Jessica was just so amazing to work with. She sent us updates and pictures of him regularly until he was old enough for us to come pick him up, and he was just the cutest little nugget that ever was! We got Perry as a little brother for our older dog, a half French half English bulldog mix, named Bowser. Jessica worked with us during their first meet, and you could just tell that she truly cares for her puppies. Perry has always been a happy and out going puppy from day one. He had no fear meeting Bowser, for the first time and I am so happy that we decided to get him. He is just such a little character, and he never fails to make us laugh! We will absolutely be getting all of our frenchies from Jessica from now on!

​Lisa Shiver 

Hi Jessica! Mia is a very active soon to be one year old.  We are so thankful that she is part of our family.  She totally enjoys car rides, her food, treats especially and toys.  She is a happy and healthy big girl.  Thank you for all of the helpful information you provided us upon picking her up.  She is such a social girl and loves meeting everyone which is a testament to the time you spent with her.  So thank you for that.  We are in hopes to get a trainer in to work on a few things and know that she will do well. I am sending pictures so that you can see what a healthy beautiful girl she has grown up to be.  Everyone she meets expresses what a pretty girl she is!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  She is quite a photogenic girl! 

Ellen Kindley 

Butter is our all time best friend! He is the perfect companion and has such a great temperament that I bring him into the office every day. He’s the star of the show wherever he goes. At home, we compete over who he loves more and who’s turn it is to cuddle with him. We can’t thank you enough!

Mike Irby

We brought JP home in early May 2019 and he has since been an absolute pleasure.  He is truly a member of our family and provides daily joy.  He has a wonderful temperament, is very loving, and gets along great with our other dog and cat.  Jessica was great throughout the process and puts so much care into her Frenchies.  We adore JP and he has been our best pet ever.

The Weyenberg Family

Walter recently turned 2 and during that time he has added so much to our family. He is sweet and funny and loves to follow you around. If you leave the room, he follows, if you go outside, he follows, always wanting to be with his people.We have another dog and Walter loves to play with her. Walter always draws attention wherever we go. He is a big dog (about 34 lbs) and is super strong and surprisingly fast. He is the best buddy!

Our experience with Flawless Frenchies was great. Walter is healthy and has a great personality. I would highly recommend Flawless Frenchies if interested in adding to your family!

Jennifer Gomez & Carolyn Long

Hi Jessica! 
My mom got “Gunner” for me for my graduation present and I LOVE HIM! Our other frenchie that is 4 has taken to him really well! The vet said he is perfect! He is such a sweet boy with the sweetest personality! Thank you so much! 

Carrie Haney

Harper is the best dog ever and I think she is PERFECT! I could not be happier with my baby! I thank God everyday for finding you and getting this sweet dog. I hope you know how appreciative I am. I literally have 1 person a week want to know where I got her – they tell me how amazing she is! Thank you so much for her! 

The Cavola Family

​Hi Jessica, 
Willow has been such a sweet addition to our family!  She is a great companion to her older Frenchie brother and absolutely adores her human sisters too.  She is so social and wants to be in the middle of everything all the time.  She loves walks, cuddles, chew toys, blankets, stuffed animals, and ALL the treats. She’s as adorable as she is mischievous!  Willow and her brother Finley visited a trainer together and now they are learning to mind their manners, most of the time!  She’s a happy, loving pup and we can’t imagine our life without her.

The Lutton Family

After deciding we wanted a Frenchie to add to our family, we did extensive research on breeders in the
Atlanta area. We decided on Flawless Frenchies due to the broad information provided on the website
and very positive interactions with Jessica. From the deposit to pickup day Jessica kept in contact with
us. We were provided photos of the litter we were scheduled for and got to choose our puppy. Jessica
provided several updates during the 8 weeks until we were able to pick up. On the day of pickup Jessica
gave us all the information we needed as well as answered all our questions. Pepper was the most
energetic and excited puppy! The quality of care provided to Pepper during her first 8 weeks was
obvious. We had such a positive experience with Jessica when we got Pepper that when she posted a
litter of available puppies around 6 months later, we did not hesitate to add Chipper to the family! I am
sure when we are ready for another puppy, we will be contacting Flawless Frenchies!

The Sadler's

Never in a million years did I imagine having a French bulldog as part of our family!  After months of begging by our teenage daughter, we decided to take the plunge. What a GREAT experience we had with “Flawless Frenchies”! Our sweet puppy, Mookie, is not only handsome but has a  personality like no other dog.  Thanks to Jessica’s TOP QUALITY breeding we have a “FLAWLESS FRENCHIE”!!!!!!

Anna Walker

Hi Jessica,
It was so nice to hear from you!  Stella is a wonderful pet.  She definitely has a “bossy” personality but it works perfectly with our beagle’s more laid back personality.  She is the sweetest dog I have ever had.  She loves to kiss and snuggle (when ready)!  We could not be more happy with her.  You picked the perfect dog for us!!  She is our little blessing!

The Webber Family 

When we decided on a frenchie, we did a lot of research on the right Breeder. We found Flawless Frenchies and noticed all the dogs LOOKED like a frenchie should. Jessica called to discuss what we were looking for in a frenchie and advised us on our best match. Remi came home in December of 2017. He was immediately part of the family. He was part therapy dog after my mom passed. He’s a great family dog, he’s a great snuggle and a huge clown. He’s a big part of the family!  

Paul & Susie Caron 

​Jessica, I just wanted to first say thank you so much for our two smart, wonderful, and oh so funny Frenchies. It’s hard to believe our life without them. 
Leo, who is now 4 1/2 has grown into the sweetest, most gentle boy. All he wants is snuggles and a kiss as we walk through the door.  He also has become quite the boating dog and loves the outdoors. But best of all he has become the best big brother to Saylor Belle. 
Now at almost one years old, she  is an absolute joy and really is the most lovable dog we have ever had.   She has become my shadow and has learned to share my lap with Leo by giving kisses to him.  She is so friendly to everyone, especially if they have fur.  
Flawless Frenchies truly is one of the all-time best breeders of French bulldogs. Thank you again for these two loves.
Hope all is well with you and can’t wait to see future pups!

Lynley Greene

Hi Jessica! 
 We are so happy that we got our puppy from Flawless Frenchies! Monty is everything we hoped he would be in temperament and health. He is extremely sweet and affectionate and is also excellent with our children. Our veterinarian said that he had seen several of the puppies that Jessica bred and was very impressed with all of them. I also appreciated how thorough Jessica was with all information and paperwork and was so kind and patient with all of my questions. Overall, it was a great experience and we adore our playful and loving Frenchie!

Rikki, Troy, and Kyle 

Hi Jessica! 
Poppy weighs 29 pounds now. She is still mostly black but her lighter colors come through in certain light. She has silver streaks down the back of her legs! She has a very sweet temperament and loves her three humans so much. She is friendly with strangers and other dogs, but sticks with us in a mixed crowd. She spends most of these hot Alabama days lazing around inside, but she does love to get out and work on her tan first thing in the morning. She is a bit of a picky eater but we finally found a workable combo that she will not hesitate to eat, and she does not like car rides at all. She’s really the queen of this place, truth be told, and we are so grateful she’s our Poppy! 

Allen Snow 

 We couldn’t be happier with our little monkey, Buster. He is the sweetest pup, well trained and full of personality.  We love him to pieces.

​Lindsay Yonker

Hey Jessica! 
So testimonial time… Flawless Frenchies was absolutely great to work with. When I initially took Palmer to the vet they could not be more complimentary of her and you as a breeder.  I truly appreciate your attention and desire to educate your buyer on healthy Frenchies.  Palmer is totally our little princess. When I picked her up, you said that she had quite the personality and that has proven to be 1000% true.  She loves her deer antler horns, hunting stink bugs, and snuggling.  She has the best personality of any dog I’ve ever had and has brought so much joy to our house.  She’s become our household clock because she’s up at 7, zoomies at 10, dinner PROMPTLY at 6:30 and zoomies again at 8.  

Thanks so much!

Adolfo Leal


Thor has been such a great companion, he has an awesome personality and gets many compliments everywhere he goes. He is friendly towards people and gets along great with other dogs. He likes soaking up the sunlight and likes people watching out the window. He will be 3 years old this year and is still full of energy just as he was when he was a puppy. Jessica thank you so much for everything, I couldn’t be any happier with my little frenchie Thor. 

Steven and Erin Puritz

Hi Jessica,
Sorry it has taken us so long to write this, but we just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us when it came to bringing Theo home! You truly do breed wonderful, quality, and healthy Frenchies as evidenced by Theo’s first 6 months of life. He is doing extremely well. He is a great eater (almost 21 lbs already!), a playful/social boy, very smart, and the sweetest little companion. Theo loves car rides, swimming, sunbathing, and running after tennis balls. He is our third French Bulldog and was probably the easiest to potty/crate train (the Snuggle Puppy is a life saver!). After dealing with other breeders in the past, we felt most comfortable knowing how well you raise and care for these dogs even before they go to their forever homes. We love Theo so much and cannot thank you enough for helping us bring our sweet boy home! We will 100% recommend you to anyone looking for a French Bulldog in the future. 

Taylor Kaye Farrar & Blake Hein

Hi Jessica,

“We got Bella in March 2020, and she’s brought so much joy into our lives since the day we brought her home! Bella is the sweetest, most fun-loving and social puppy, and we’re so happy to call her ours. Jessica provided so many helpful tools for everything from feeding and crate training to potty training, which was very helpful since Bella was our first puppy. Jessica also provided us with all the necessary paperwork and information to make registering Bella’s chip and getting her vaccinations a very smooth process. We’re so happy with Bella, and so thankful we chose Flawless Frenchies as our breeder!”

Laura Cole 

I would highly recommend Jessica and Flawless Frenchies. I recently purchased my sweet little Cali back in September after being very skeptical about purchasing a puppy because of all the puppy scammers. But… after speaking with Jessica for over an hour on the phone, I knew I found a reputable breeder. She answered all and any questions I had. She is very caring, knowledgeable, and always available to help and give good advice. I can’t imagine purchasing a puppy from anyone else. Thank you Jessica! Highly recommend!

Frank Madonna

We were lucky enough to get 2 babies from Jessica at Flawless Frenchies and we couldn’t be happier. Biggie (full name Biggie Smalls) lives with us and his sister, Faith, was a present for my mother who lives down the road from us. These 2 babies are the sweetest pups we’ve ever had and Jessica was so great. The process of getting them was a pleasure and Jessica made the experience easy and enjoyable.

​The Babcock Family

Jessica: I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how much we are in love with our sweet Clair. Even my husband, Jim, who did not want a dog has a new bestie in Clair. They are joined at the hip. I thought you would like to know that Clair is just innately very sweet, kind, loving and funny and a fantastic addition to our family. She has an amazing personality and is a girl who knows what she wants. We love it. Whatever you are doing, it worked! Thank you!!!

The Wenaas Family

Duke, our Flawless Frenchie, was our first french bulldog and has been the perfect addition to our family! He has such a big, confident personality with our other pups but is also a huge snuggler when it’s time to settle down.  This will not be our last Flawless Frenchie and we are thankful to Jessica for raising such a quality breed!

Michael & Trisha Barnhill

Jessica I can’t thank you enough for bringing such joy into our life . As you can see in the photos my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed our little girl Liz Z. It seems everyday she does something that just makes us laugh. She has quite the personality and sassiness about her that is unlike any dog we’ve had before. Again thank you for bringing our little puppy of joy into our lives.

Adrienne Bellinger 

Besides our angel Lexi, I think what I value most about my interaction with Jessica was the responsiveness and open communication. She makes sure new owners of her pups are well-informed and as prepared as possible, which I really appreciated as a first-time Frenchie owner. And there is Lexi…super sweet and affectionate, bossy and big-hearted, smart and sassy. This girl has it all and we love every single thing about her!

Dom and Rosemary Martel

Jessica, we could not be more pleased with the care and professionalism that you put into the breeding of such wonderful dogs. We are so pleased with our beautiful Charli; she has brought us so much joy. She is everything we hoped she would be. You made the process of picking out a puppy all the way to the day we brought her home so easy. Our veterinarian was very impressed by the documentation provided and the confirmation of our beautiful girl. We will certainly be adopting our next Frenchie baby from Jessica. Would recommend 10/10!!
Charli is everything that you would and should expect from a Frenchie. 

In a word, Perfect.

Mr. Phenix Redford

Hi Jessica, 

I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 months since I last saw you. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!! City living has been exciting, my mom and dad take me to the park, the local brewery, shopping and even out to eat (I just LOVE ordering carrots). You paired me with the best parents a pup could have because they spoil me rotten. I’m really excited for this summer, I heard them say they were going to take me to the beach!! I just love being outside and taking naps in the sunshine. Well since you haven’t seen me in a while, here are a few photos of me….apparently I’m really handsome and “getting sooooo big” (my parents kiss me and tell me everyday)! It’s time for me to go play now, I hope you are doing PAW-SOME (awesome)!

Marta Jo Sullivan

Couldn’t have asked for two better pups! The latest addition to our family is little Ruth. Ruthie is adjusting to life in the Queen City, (although she thinks she’s the Queen) and enjoys traveling to visit her pup friends up and down the East coast. 
Jessica is such a joy to work with! Throughout this process, she kept us updated with information and pictures while we waited to take Ruthie home. Jessica also provides thorough instructions on what to expect when expecting a Frenchie. I won’t go anywhere else for a puppy because I know Jessica takes pride in her work and cares tremendously for each and every dog. Her support continues even after you bring your bundle of joy home. She loves little updates and pictures of your fur baby as the grow. And loves hear all the funny stories of what they get into! 
Truly a wonderful experience and an even more wonderful person! Thank you Jessica for bringing the two best girls into my life, Wilma and Ruthie 🙂                      

Carmen Perez

Brie is my best friend and constant companion. Now that she is my family, I can’t ever imagine being without my little dog.  She loves to lounge and cuddle – she is only happy when she is leaning and laying on a person.  She just turned 3 years old, and she is still full of beautiful puppy enthusiasm and she loves to run as fast as she can.  She also likes to be picked up and held when I cook in the kitchen.  Her health is in perfect condition, and she genuinely has the sweetest personality.  I am so thankful for her and I cannot imagine my life without her!

Thanks so much for everything!

Ally Cunningham 

Hi Jessica,
I would recommend you as a breeder to anyone in the market for a Frenchie! We are so happy with our puppy and how well he has fit into our little family. To say that I’m obsessed with Maverick would be and understatement! Here are some pictures of him being adorable.

Emily Silberman 

When our family decided to add a frenchie to our household, I was so happy to find Jessica and Flawless Frenchies. From the get-go, Jessica impressed us with her care and dedication to her breeding practices. Jessica cares so much about her puppies, and it shows in her facility, her communications, and most importantly, her puppies. We love Carl and he has a wonderful temperament! When it’s time to add another Frenchie there is no other place we will look than Flawless Frenchies!

The Keyser Family

We got our pup Elvis from Flawless Frenchies in July of 2021, and we are in love. He is a great little brother to our 3 year old, and an unofficial therapy dog at my private practice. We get compliments on how handsome and sweet he is everywhere we go.

The Jorstad’s

“Donnie” is doing great! It was an absolute pleasure working with Flawless Frenchies. We appreciated how up to date your website and social media page was, efficiently in responding back to us with all needed information, and we were amazed to see your beautiful facility and passion for finding your Frenchies the best family/home. From day 1, Donnie has been the best addition to our family. This being our first “small dog” compared to our Boxer and Redbone Coonhound, Donnie fit right in and it’s very safe to say he runs the household. Our Vet has been impressed with his optimal health, he is a great travel buddy who has already visited the beach many times, and is a true sun baby, always on the porch. 
 I’m sure you will see the Jorstad’s again!

Charity Rose 

Hello Jessica,
The past year with Phineas has been fantastic!  He has grown so much and is always complimented for being such a lovely and friendly pup!  He spent most of 2021 training to be a therapy dog, and was making great strides working with me and the program I was running for military members and their families.  The troops and families LOVED having him around!  You can see some of his adventures on his Instagram page @phineas_the_potff_pooch.  In December we moved to England!  We have taken a break from the therapy dog work, but he continues to bring joy and is truly enjoying being a country dog.  He loves taking walks – exploring new smells (horses, rabbits, sheep etc), riding in the car and going anywhere and everywhere!  Thank you so much for the care that you provide in helping choose the right dog for the right family!  

I’ve attached some pictures, but honestly we have hundreds of him from the past year so it was hard to choose! 

 Sue Helmick

Hi Jessica, 
I just wanted to update you on our threesome. Jack and Josie love each other and love to play whenever they come to my house everyday. Winston is finally coming around much quicker than with Jack. You were right he has done better with a girl. Thank you for all the advise and being patient while we found the perfect girl to add to our family. Thank you for everything 

Vickie Taunton 

After speaking with Jessica just one time on the phone I was put completely at ease about purchasing a lifelong friend from her. We purchased a puppy from her in March of 2021. She has built a fabulous facility and has a heart for what she does. She is a quality breeder who delivers healthy pups. 
The pup we bought was healthy and active, it didn’t take him long to make our house his home. He is almost two years old and is still healthy and active and now we live in his home.